Acrylic - Watercolor - Sculpture

Art By T.L. Gordon

T.L. (Timithy) Gordon developed an interest in art at a very early age and was encouraged by his family through out his life; especially by his mother, who was somewhat of an artist and crafter too.

Tim is largely a self-taught artist, receiving the only kind of formal training in one or two years of high school. While in the U.S. Air Force he painted 10 or 12 murals for the Air Force & is a veteran of Vietnam. Tim stopped painting about 35 years ago doing mostly Pen & Ink, Wood Burning, Carving and other forms of art while working to make a living.

Tim has worked as a truck driver, cook, window decorator for a national men’s clothing store, shoe salesman,  security guard, migrant fruit & vegetable picker, airline baggage screener, spent 13 years in the sign industry, rising to Vice President & Production Manager of a company in North Hollywood, California.  For the last 21 years he worked as an account executive for advertising at a major local publication in Farmington. In 2015 Tim retired and is devoting all his time to art.

Tim is a member and President of the Four Corners Art Association, the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council and the San Juan Collage Arts Council Committee and on the staff of Handmade, a Guide to the Arts.

about   T.L. (Timithy) Gordon